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These are some screenshots of the data modelling tool aspect of Alzabo. Currently the only interface for data modelling is a web interface built with HTML Mason.

The first page of the data modeller. You can work with an existing schema or create a new one from scratch or by reverse engineering one. For the latter two options you need to specify what backend you'll be using (note, I may get rid of separate choices for driver and rules in the future).

If you decide to create one from scratch this is what you see. You can add tables from this page, change the schema's name, delete it, or view the SQL necessary to instantiate it in your RDBMS of choice.


This is the screen where you can add columns to a table.

This is the screen for adding an index to table. Indexes can be multi-column and columns can have prefixes.


This is the SQL created for a schema.

The table editing screen after an index and relationship has been created.

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